The JourneyUp Story

As The Christmas Box International's newest program, the JourneyUP Mentor Program (JUMP) reaches out to young adults ages 14 to 24 who either are transitioning from foster care because they’re unable to return to their homes and were never adopted or are facing homeless. After aging out of foster care or when these youth are facing homelessness, they may have little to no support for making healthy life choices. These youth face overwhelming challenges navigating the transition to adulthood, including maintaining healthy lifestyles, mental health issues, homelessness, unemployment, medical emergencies, legal issues, poverty, unexpected pregnancy, and suicide.

The program started in 2008 as the Utah Youth Mentor Project, an independent nonprofit organization, and since its inception was a community partner with The Christmas Box International. In 2014, The Christmas Box International absorbed the program and it was rebranded as the JourneyUP Mentor Program.

With a volunteer adult mentor and access to life skills workshops, activities, community support, and connections to resources to overcome barriers to success, JUMP is able to give these youth a greater opportunity for success in adulthood.